DEEP Germany

Dialogue, Empathic Engagement & Peacebuilding

DEEP Germany is an independent non-profit organization – and is part of the Global DEEP Network. At DEEP Germany we come together to build everyday peace, which is an ability that we can learn and practice.

We support people to relate to themselves and to each other in healthy ways. Through peace education we emphasize dialogue, strengthen awareness and foster empathy.

In doing so, we aim to consider the various forms of violence and injustice holistically.

Current Projects:

DEEP Talks- Responding to anger

Deep Talks is a dialogue focused event that explores topics through the lens of Peace and Conflict Studies and with the aim of improving self, society and environment.  Who: Donald J. Robertson Topic: Anger: Intra- and Interpersonal When: 18:30 CET - 25 January...


Click here to sign up free Every wednesday at 18 CET, from January 27th till march 10th on zoom. Yoga4Peace is a 7-week Yoga course that aims to foster a culture of peace through yoga. The course combines the ancient wisdom of Yoga and the theory and knowledge of...

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