DEEP Talk: Sexual Pleasure and Taboos – 22.03.2021

Our guest for DEEP Talks in March is Liisa Fatuma – an open hearted woman, workshop leader, singer, dancer, therapist from Cologne in Germany.

On Monday, march 22nd at 18:30 CET

Liisa offers workshops and single sessions on sexuality, touch, personal boundaries, courage, body expression, handling emotions and sexual abuse.

Event Description:
How and when do we experience pleasure? What is sexy to us, or arousing, or opening? Which different tastes of pleasure can we explore? What is taboo, forbidden (inside us or also publicly) and how do these things influence our sexual experiences?

An online workshop around these questions. Input for you to receive, some small exercises & exchange. All exercises and personal sharings are optional. You can join alone, with a partner or friend.

This event is for free and you’re invited to donate for the facilitation. Recommendation: 5-15€.