Online workshop „Multicultural: How do we want to live together“- 17.04.2021

As part of the anti-racism weeks in Bielefeld, we offer a free workshop.
The host is the IBZ Friedenshaus.

Online on April 17th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (with breaks), via ZOOM.

Diversity enriches, is an opportunity for society to grow together, but it also creates problems and stress for some of those involved. How can the coexistence of more than 135 nationalities and diverse cultures be designed as enriching and not as stressful?

How do we want to make the togetherness lively? What rules do we need? How can we deal constructively with conflicts? Which values are important to us in intercultural contact? What role do cultural or religious identities play in mutual perception? How can coexistence be really fun?

This workshop shows interactively which problems can arise and how prejudices arise. In a second step, peace education and social psychological approaches are used to show how a pleasant climate can be created in which everyone contributes to a living environment that enables lively exchange, positive encounters and mutual respect.

Dr. Alexander Horstmann
Lina Westermann


The event takes place in German on Zoom.
We will send the link on the morning of the day of the event.