Future imagination workshop: Peace(s) and Sustainable Degrowth – 04.09.2021 at 13:00 CET (online or in Karlsruhe)

With Marisol Bock

September 4th at 13:00 CET – online or in Karlsruhe, Germany

Event Description:
In this workshop participants get to explore what a peaceful world in the future might look like, a practice proposed by sociologist and pioneering peace researcher Elise Boulding.

– Shaping the future with like-minded people –

In our world of multiple interlocking crises at social, economic, environmental and health levels, imagining a peaceful and sustainable future can be challenging and also a highly inspiring exercise.Special attention will be given to the idea of sustainable degrowth, a movement that seeks to question and overcome the economic growth paradigm that dominates societies today.

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