About us

DEEP Germany is a collective of peace researchers and activists who are all committed to a more just world and peaceful coexistence. 

We combine our specific knowledge in peace and conflict studies with our diverse backgrounds and competencies. 

Active Members

Wibke Gehringer (she/her)

Co-Director, Educator/Trainer, systemic coach

Dr. Marisol Bock (she/her)

Co-Director, PhD in Peace, Conflict and Development Studies, peace activist

Dr. Alexander Horstmann (he/his)

Social Anthropologist, Lecturer (Peace Masters, UJI), De-escalation trainer/coach, expert citizen (City Hall)

Lina Westermann (she/her)

Co-Director, Educator/Trainer, Yoga Teacher 

Mirko Murad Sbeih (he/his)


Kevin J. Brenneman (he/his)

Facilitator, lecturer, improviser/actor, entrepreneur

Johannes Jacubasch (he/his)

Digital Advisor, Peace Researcher

Anton Pleva (he/his)

Actor, Theatredirector and -author

Rachel Musson (she/her)

Teacher, trainer, writer and thought-leader on regenerative education and wellbeing in schools.

Lukas K. B. Nagel (he/his)

M.S. in Asian Studies and certified Peace Worker

Janosch Sbeih (he/his)

Philanthropy Consultant: Systems change towards regenerative cultures and economies

Dieter Gehringer (he/his)

Climate activist and co-founder of Grannies for Future Cologne, former Teacher/Headmaster

Anja-Raniah Sbeih (she/her)

Artist, Educator

Verena Bloch (she/her)

Child Rights Advisor

Clara Mei Ying Sonnborn (she/her)

Medical doctor